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July 17, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
A shovel pounds dark earth
reaching, wretching through roots, grass
a rhythmic hum of slamming and tearing
breaks between
the faulty shuddering and gasping breaths
of a 5 year-old boy
reposessing a 21 year-old heart

We grew together
lived together
she, an outcast of ill-fortune
I the emotional mewing jabberjaw
we were comrades in legs and
the number three-quarters
hobbling through life together

tired and worn down, a full 18 years
she's turned to dust and polaroid memories
April 21, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
nowwe hold hands at the crosswalkto the library, we lace fingers and laughabout stupid question girls and no-namedouche-bagsher presence dispels the lonelinessand brings light like dawn over misty mornings thenI lived in a different world,before herI wanted something we all need(I knew not that I needed it) our hands togetherare a blessing, an upliftinga cure for the cold and the storm I am alone no longertwo whole years spent gloriouslynot alone
April 17, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
Here's the idea: formulate a story using six words. Any six words. But choose them carefully.


My stories:

"She died in his arms. Again."

"We lost ourselves on an airplane."

"I gave my life to die."


It's a fun little exercise I like to do when I'm writing poetry and my muse runs dry. Try it!
April 16, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
This sudden, inexplicable changeThis switch from having stones to being a stonerI’m the compass bearerwearing a magnetic watchdisoriented, nothing makes sensenot even the time. Your  ticking movesbackward as if to taunt me, fool memoving time backwards, regressionbut regressing does not change this maladyrepresses it, maybe, changes its keyfrom Major to minorOh child, what have you done? The man I admired has fallen apartthe pieces have been sown back togetherin a twisted an...
April 3, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
It’s the casual careening silencethat pulls us from our empty statewe clutch at pictures and feelings wecannot rememberand our hangover headaches are too muchto cure with just ibuprofenand for all the silence, the burden ofsoundkeeps me glued to bedsheets and pillowsI can’t get up like youI can’t think, but for painand I realize that something changednot just a ticker on some world clock in the skynot some siren that announces my bacchanal festivalbut a different, lilting n...
March 1, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
Called by passion, we hold to one anotherforever breaking time zones and rulescrushing delusions of mediocrity andjust by holding handswe pull our fragile hearts from flimsy casesin order to reveal their splendorand show the world our true selves(between us, we share each other) And the simple act of running my handsthrough her hair is enough for me to fully understandthe way the world worksI connect to the holy, to the impermissiblethrough her touch, and the sound of her voiceand ...
January 2, 2008 by Death_By_Beebles
I'm part of the revolution
fools and lovers
combining hearts and wishful thinking
pushing past the dead results
We are power united
sick of hanging chads
and dying Manchurian candidates

We are together fighting
the only world we've ever known
fighting conformity
fighting carelessness
We must be careful
don't meet me
at the coffee shop
it's under heavy surveillance
the park is a better place

The election is a sham
We've decided, predecided
our destinies
We are shackled to ...
August 12, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
this time
a slow moving car chase
13 days long now
growing shorter by the moment

the racers are waiting to scream
and yell, and i
will tolerate the narcotic road race
8 days longer

i measure time by car lengths
weary and torn
ready to go home
i measure life by heartbeats
ready to be in your chasing arms

and i will chase your smiles
past bags and labels and trays
i will chase forever
until i catch you

time come slowly
time come quickly
please come any way you can
i am ...
August 3, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
the world a door to unkown
hangs on
an emotional hinge
on the songs of lovers it
forward and back
a pendulum of time
on the voices of mothers
it opens (and closes)
keeping safe, letting go

we dance on the panels
swing to and fro in the kisses of the sun
race down the molding
roads, highways,
rivers, causeways
and into bliss and open arms
we look into futures of sleepless nights
and beautiful dreams
through windows of hopes desire
we find ourselves
through the world,...
July 18, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
I write about love
about life, about firsts
exit wounds and shouts
I write about the past
about football and cheese
I write about the past
my childhood

My strangeness, my difference
I write about them
I think about them
My personal scapegoats
I blame small children who now know better
for my problems,

"I wasn't popular,
I was teased."
I say that, as if it's a free pass
to sympathy and support.

I hate it.
I do it without thinking - create tragedy where none existed
by c...
June 25, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
These are our times
two voices across miles
sing songs of normality
crazy stories, fond memories
music of togetherness
connected by towers
hello and goodbye
my beautiful dream
my straight path, my darling
my blessing, my love

sweetest dreams I wish for you
dreams of us together again
until dreams are reality
I will wish for sleep
June 24, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
the word falls off my tongue
oil for lonely fire
I hold burning inside my chest
What is a smile, a moment
are they concepts of two souls entwined
or the tangible foolish ramblings
of a poet boy
and his I-miss-you girl?
what an ugly word.
June 10, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
We live on fragile terms
everything crystalline, delicate
my world, the china-shop
made of people, tress, lamp posts
baby kittens

Things get broken so easily

We can try to glue and mend
the pieces back together
but cracks still show
show all to well

We could only be makers
leave the breaking
but we are just bulls
that can't stop the rampage
of our hearts
June 5, 2007 by Death_By_Beebles
I can't find my feet
or my composure, composition
the pen feels cold
indifferent in my hand
I'm inspired by insignificance
no words flow from
mind to pad
have I lost my poet?
have I lost my Self?

It's been an age of faltering
lacking, lackluster
but I'm trying
I'm trying
December 22, 2006 by Death_By_Beebles
In the darkness of this cool parade
I think I need a sunset
To clear out every broken phrase
each pain not paying rent
Clear them from my breaking mind
I can't even see straight
I know it's you I need to find
I hope it's not too late

To tell you that I miss you
to tell you that I love you
to tell you that I need you
to say I see your face
to tell you I'm a trainwreck
to tell you it's just a pay check
to tell you that I'm dreaming
to end this fucking day.

It's eating me inside...